Project LIREC

The basis for a long-term relationship between people and artificial comrades LIREC is an EU-funded co-operation project for information and communication technology (FP7). The challenge How can we develop a new computer technology that supports a long-term relationship between people and artificial comrades? Currently, artificial comrades have very limited opportunities to interact with their users socially in the long term and meaningfully. Whether in the form of robots or virtual software agents, Lirec wants to develop methods by which these artificial comrades perceive their human users, remember these impressions and react to them. This is to enable a completely new generation of “socially conscious” applications. The objectives of LIREC The goal of LIREC is to develop a new generation of interactive, emotionally intelligent artificial comrades who are able to build long-term relationships with people. LIREC’s attention is focused on “physical” agents, e.g. Robots, as well as on “physical” programs. In particular, it is investigated how people react to the so-called migration (i.e., an artificial comrade changes his body from, for example, the robot to the PDA).