Project eCircus

Education through Characters with emotional intelligence and Roleplaying Capabilities that Uunderstand Social interaction The eCIRCUS project, funded under the Sixth Framework Program of the European Union, develops two software programs for use at school. These programs are based on the didactic means “rolling game” but translate this into a virtual learning environment, which is populated with artificial, autonomously acting agents. Pupils build an empathic relationship with these agents, learning how to deal with difficult social and emotional problems they are familiar with in their everyday lives, e.g. With regard to the systematic harassment and exclusion of individual pupils (bullying) or the integration of young people with a migration background. ECIRCUS examines and develops innovative and motivating ways to interact with virtual worlds and their “inhabitants” and develops concepts on how the software products can be embedded in the lessons in a meaningful manner to support social and emotional learning. Within the scope of the project, the effects of the software are assessed through evaluation studies using both quantitative and qualitative analytical methods. The partners involved: • University of Bamberg (Germany) • University of Würzburg (Germany) • University of Augsburg (Germany) • Heriot-Watt University (UK) • University of Hertfordshire (UK) • University of Sunderland (UK) • INESC ID (Portugal) • interactor (Italy)